How to Choose the Best Motherboard for Gaming PC?

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Published: 13th January 2011
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Are you planning to build a gaming computer? There are various factors to consider to build a good gaming PC, and motherboard is one of them. You should look at the various factors when choosing your gaming motherboard so that you can choose the best motherboard for your needs. In this article we will assist you choose the best motherboard for your gaming PC. To build gaming computer you can get PC support from computer repair services companies.

The processor is regarded as the brain of a computer and the motherboard is described as the central nervous system. The motherboard of the computer is responsible for relaying information between all the internal components of a computer. This is the hub of the computer connecting all other components. To buy a quality motherboard you should be ready for a good investment.

While buying motherboard for a gaming computer, first you should choose the CPU. Remember, typically a motherboard supports only one type of processor like Intel core processor or Phenom. According to the processor you should buy the motherboard. There are also motherboards that only support certain speed of a certain processor model. So, do some research before buying, otherwise, you may end up with wrong motherboard. You should also check the CPU socket type. This refers to the processor interface for your CPU.

The next thing you need to bring under consideration is the memory and drive format. The motherboard will state the type and amount of RAM that you can have on your computer. DDR3 RAM is the latest memory type. For good gaming performance, you should go for at least 4 GB or RAM. There are also different types of connections for the hard drive. ATA and SATA are the most common drive formats.

As you are building a gaming computer, certainly you would like to install add-on cards such as a sound card, Ethernet card, or modem. So, ensure the motherboard has enough PCI slots to meet your needs. Alike the PCI slots considering the number of USB ports are also equally important.

Almost all the latest games are resource hungry and to enjoy these games at their best, graphics card is a must. At the time of choosing the best motherboard for your gaming PC, you decide on what type of Graphics Card you will be using. Would you like to connect a Graphics Card to a motherboard, through a PCI Express slot or AGP slot? The new PCI Express technology is much faster than AGP.

You will find some motherboards in the market that come with built-in video, sound, and networking capabilities. By opting for these motherboards you can save your time and money as you donít need to buy audio or video cards.

To troubleshoot any type of computer issue, the best solution is to consult an online computer support provider. Tech support from these companies is available round the clock at a very convenient price.

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