Tips To Retrieve Deleted History

Published: 19th April 2011
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Wondering how to retrieve deleted internet history on your Windows operating system? Donít need to explore further. Useful tips to retrieve deleted history are right here. Whether you are using Windows operating system, or any other OS, you can get deleted history back very easily. You can also talk to an online technical support provider to help you in this regard.

How to retrieve deleted history? Well, for performing this task you need to target the resources where the information is stored. You may know that when the history is deleted from the Internet, it is not completely erased from your hard drive. Various ways are there that you can employ in order to retrieve internet history.

If you are using any of the Windows operating systems then retrieving deleted history is very simple. You only need to know how to perform this task. Go to the start menu and then go to programs and click on accessories. Here you will find the option labeled system tools. A list of different options will be shown there and System Restore is one of them. You can use this option to retrieve deleted history.

There are other methods as well. You may use the operation called search desktop in this regard. The Google desktop search is a good example in this context. You can also go through the log files where all the information about your operations is stored. All the information in the Internet Explorer is stored in the index.dat file. By using this file you can easily retrieve deleted files. But the most important thing is that a compatible reader is required to understand this file. On the other hand, Mozilla Firefox the history.dat file stores the history.

You can even use the internet cookies to perform this task. While you browse internet, cookies get stored in your computer. These cookies allow you to have an idea about the websites that you have explored in past. Are you using Mozilla Firefox? You may find the cookies in the options dialog box under privacy tab.

For those who are using Mac, the process of retrieving history is equally easy. You can use the Time Machine application to retrieve deleted history on Mac. This application allows the users to restore browser history without difficulty. What you need to do is just click on the Time Machine icon and click on set up Time Machine. Once the button is turned on, your PC starts storing backup. And you can store the back up to an external drive. To retrieve history on Mac, open the Safari browser and click on the option of Safari on the toolbar. Next, you have to click on the option labeled preferences and choose the option security. Form here you will get an option, show cookies and it will allow you get the deleted history back.

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